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In 2012, vapor cigarettes are more popular than ever as more people learn of what a great alternative it is to regular smoking.

Electric cigarettes feel just like smoking the real thing – except that there is no actual smoke! Instead, the nicotine is contained in a mist of water vapor. Because there is no smoke, the impact on the lungs is much less than inhaling smoke with its related tar. That’s right… electronic cigs have no tar at all.

The lack of smoke also means that it is legal to smoke these in most countries, anywhere you want. It’s great to be able to “light up” in a restaurant, train etc.

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The design of electronic cigarettes is quite ingenious. The tube itself looks just like a regular cig; although different colored options are available if desired. Inside the tube there is a small battery, a heater, and a tube of liquid which can contain nicotine, depending on whether you want it. Different strengths are available as well. When the “smoker” takes a drag, the heater vaporizes a small drop of the liquid mix, which then is inhaled in the form of vapor.

If you want to buy vapor cigarettes the best option right now is to buy online. There are a large selection of companies selling them, and it pays to shop around. Every month we select the brand we like the best and link to it HERE.

At this point many governments have not formally recognized smokeless cigs are being a quit smoking aid; but if you are interested in quitting smoking, you may want to think whether getting your “fix” with NO TAR appeals to you. While stopping smoking of any kind is ideal; electric cigs seem to offer many advantages over traditional smokes. In most cases, it also turns out to be much cheaper! No small advantage in today’s economy.
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