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Imagine – Smoking without the nasty side effects of inhaling smoke.

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Smokeless electronic cigarettes are a huge hit right now. Smokers can keep on doing what they enjoy; but without the dangerous side effects of inhaling smoke. Instead, a battery powers a miniature vaporizer which vaporizes a small amount of liquid nicotine. It’s basically like inhaling a room-temperature steam.

No smoke, no tar, and you can smoke them anywhere! And did I mention it works out to be much cheaper than buying regular cigarettes? There are many brands of electric cigarettes available online. Lately some companies have been offering free samples so that people can give them a trial run before they buy.

Electric cigs have recently become available, and so far they have been extremely popular. E-cigs are typically about the same size as normal cigarettes; though different sizes can sometimes be ordered. They are powered by an ultra small lithium ion battery; and also contain a vaporizer and a cartridge of liquid nicotine. The nicotine cartridges are available in different strengths. A glowing LED at the tip of the ecig looks just like the burning end of a real cigarette.

When the “smoker” inhales, a droplet of the liquid nicotine is vaporized and is inhaled. It is just basically cool steam – there is no tar or any smoke at all! Yet it feels just like smoking a real cigarette.

A huge advantage is that because they produce no actual smoke, they can smoked anywhere.

As electric cigarettes are so new; many governments haven’t be sure how to handle them. In the vast vast majority of countries, electric cigs are totally unregulated. However they are illegal in Australia and somewhat restricted in Canada; though not illegal. They are really popular in the United Kingdom and sales are rapidly increasing in the United States.

At this point there hasn’t been much testing of these new smokeless cigarettes. But it seems reasonable to believe that they are better for you that normal cigarettes; since almost all of the harmful affects of smoking comes from tar produced by the smoke from burning the tobacco leaves; and that does not happens at all with ecigarettes.

Checking through Google quickly shows hundreds of positive comments from people who have tried these new smoking replacements and are satisfied with them. There’s no guarantee that it will help people quit smoking; but many poeple have at least switched over from normal cigarettes – and been very happy with the switch.

At this point there are many more options buying electronic cigs online than looking for them in stores. In fact in Canada, they tend not to be available in stores at all. But there are many vendors who ship electric cigs worldwide. Although most brands are made in China, it’s best to resist the temptation to order directly online from China on Ebay or something similar. For the best quality, stick with European or North American electric cigarette wholesalers who have informative web sites.

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